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Nursing Your Nerves At Your Nest

Nerve related disorders often leave you with limited strength or may even confine you to your bed permanently. This may lead to a scenario where you need to depend on others for day to day activities, and this might affect you emotionally and psychologically (isn’t independence our fundamental right?). To cope with such lifestyle changing ailments, Neurophysiotherapy is an option which you should give serious thought to. This sort of therapy deals with problems such as loss of function of the limbs, uncoordinated movements, spasticity (stiffness of muscles caused by constant spasms, commonly seen in cerebral palsy patients among others) resulting in the impairment of movement and speech, effects of nerve compression etc. To increase physical and logistic convenience, Neurophysiotherapy sessions are now being made available at your home. This shall save you the time, energy and inconvenience of visiting the therapist at his/her clinic.

Health Care System Stretched Thinner Than Ever Because of COVID-19


Under normal circumstances, in-home care providers and their professional caregivers are often tasked with being first to notice any changes in a person’s health. For Senior Helpers, this duty carries even more weight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In some ways, the coronavirus outbreak has turned the home care franchise company and its locations into first-responders, Peter Ross, co-founder and CEO of Senior Helpers, told Home Health Care News.

“I kind of look at what we do as first-responders,” Ross said. “Firemen don’t go into the home and then leave when it starts burning. We’ve got to make sure that we can take care of our clients whether they have COVID-19 or not. In times of crisis, our caregivers are the first ones clients see.”

Health care workers are dancing on social media to cheer up the quarantined and relieve stress.

Signs that New York’s coronavirus curve is flattening 03:07

When the beat drops, these health care workers know it’s all about the footwork.

Medical professionals across the country are participating in dance challenges on social media. It’s helping them share smiles and blow off steam during the demanding coronavirus pandemic.
In scrubs and swag, nurse Kala Baker lip-syncs and dances in TikTok challenges to hits like “Savage” by Meg Thee Stallion at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.